foster the people

Foster The People

A band that cannot be missed, as they've exploded on the music scene. Playing Coachella today and streaming live on YouTube. You must go forth and listen.


I knew from the moment I laid eye upon it, that I needed that Rag and Bone pleated maxi skirt but imagine my surprise when my Free People catalog arrived and was sporting something quite similar to the Rag and Bone version for a bit less quid.  Hmmm... 

Rag and Bone version on the left, Free People on the right.
However this is the pleated skirt that would really set my heart afire if it magically appeared in my closet.
Michael Kors, Spring 2011


Inspiration by Ralph Lauren F/W 2010.  

Hat, dress, jacket, H&M; sunshades, Oliver Peoples; belt, Ralph Lauren; turtleneck, Zara


Shoes, Steve Madden; Leggings, Zara; Jacket, vintage; Shirt, Elizabeth & James; Sunnies, Oliver Peoples; Necklace, vintage

I've been noticeably neglectful to my blog lately but life has just been so excruciatingly busy as of late.  It seems that fate has intervened and brought me the most perfect opportunity for my dream dwelling.  Will give more details later.  And the Mister has employed my professional services on a complete restaurant renovation.  Not that you would know it from my posts because fashion outranks design on this blog, but my field is interior design. If I can meld the two eventually life will be most sweet.  The above shoes have become my current favorite.

P.S.  No matter how high quality the resolution of my pictures are, they are coming out much more grainy on blogger.  Anyone have any advice?


Clockwise from top left:
1. Equipment Sage Military Blouse
2. Versace Metal Skirt
3. Nightcap Poncho tee
4. Proenza Schouler shoe
5. Malene Birger lattice necklace
6. Siwy denim shorts
7. Pepe Harem trousers
8. Haute Hippie racerback tank dress
9. Stella McCartney sheer silk shirt
10. Torn by Ronny Kobo Tracy Cheetah wave tee


Shoes, Steve Madden; Skirt, Urban Outfitters; Blazer F21; Shirt, Zara; Bag, vintage

Lace and lattes. What more could one ask for?


Jacket, Free People; Dress, H&M; Sandals, Simply Vera Wang; Scarf, Target; Sunshades, Oliver Peoples

I realize you can't always win but that does not stop me from being annoyed when the Organic Cotton dress that came out with the Garden Collection that I bought for $20 is reduced down to $10 the next week.  Or that the movie Greenberg that I was so psyched to see is such a major disappointment that I want  my two hours back. (p.s. Jennifer Jason Leigh, you should have retired after Fast Times At Rigdemont High) My silver lining is that those Simply Vera Wang sandals satisfied my craving for the Chloe cuffed sandals and my wallet.  


Jacket, Elie Tahari; Scarf, old; tshirt & skirt, Urban Oufitters; Wedges, Jessica Simpson; Bracelet, vintage; Sunnies, Tom Ford

I have been searching forever for the perfect black long, mermaid style skirt and I found it.  Only it's not a skirt. I excitedly glanced this piece on the rack from across the room at Urban Outfitters only to discover upon closer inspection that it was in fact a dress.  Not to be deterred, I tried it on as I intended to wear it and was thrilled to be walking without with a dual purpose item. (Although I think the fitting room attendant was eyeing me a bit suspiciously when I accidentally locked myself out after coming into the hallway to look in the mirror, thinking that there was no skirt in the store that looked like that, or else "hey, she better buy that dress because she's probably stretching out the top wearing it like that".) I felt a bit like a geisha walking around today taking tiny steps due to the narrow constriction at the bottom.


Shirt, Madewell; Dress, Mossimo; Necklace, Vintage; Belt, Linea Pelle; Shoes, Jeffrey Campbell

I take comfort over any other trait when it comes to errand running days.  And cut my own bangs day.  Feeling comfy is like having a security blanket in case you make a mistake.



Shorts, shirt, Zara; Watch, Nixon; Bandeau, urban Outfitters; Shoes, Via Spiga; Sunnies, Mossimo; Bracelet, Sears

Perseverance pays people, it pays!  A few weeks ago while in NYC, I paid a quick visit to Zara on my  way to the train in order to make my dream spring purchase, the brown leather shorts from the Spring lookbook.(Unfortunately, Philadelphia Zara doesn't get the really supreme stuff, boo hiss.)  Anyway, I rushed in and asked the first sales clerk I encountered where the shorts were. She nonchalantly informed me they had sold out.  I couldn't even comprehend this possibility, I was stupefied.  My mind couldn't take no for answer and so I hastily decided to make myself  a bona-fide pain in the ass  and accosted every sales associate in the store, (of course, out of eyesight of the one before lest they think I was crazy) and asked all the same exact question.  Well guess what, CHA-CHING!  On my last try, a Zara employee savior pulled out a secret pair in my size that were the last ones in the store.  I could've planted a big wet one right on her lips but I restrained myself not wanting to be kicked out without my shorts. And the moral is... if at first you don't succeed, try, try again... and again...and again.
And this is my favorite vampy lipstick, Nars in Fast Ride.  Not too cakey, smudgey and just dark enough. 
Photo: Nitrolicious