This rug is much like the vest I'm donning today.  I am a lover of flokati rugs.  They easily give edge to a classic space or warmth to sleek one.  I have one in front of the desk in my office for when I went to lie down and cocoon up in frustration. I hope to have an outfit post later on. I've been terrible about documenting as of late.

A flokati in use.

Photo creds:, decorpad

Part Two:  I finally had a moment for a photograph.  The flokati vest.  Well, curly lamb fur.


Anonymous said...

this vest is totally something i would rock
thanks for sharing darling
so glad i stumbled across your blog
so beautiful and inspiring, keep it up
and thanks for the sweet comments

check out my blog @

Niki B. said...

i love that vest, and i love those interior photos

xo Niki

Lexi Colby said...

love the rug in the first few pictures!
i actually have the same one in my room :)
great vest, love the fur!

O'Style said...

I love the whole look, the vest is great!


cody said...

love your outfit!! (:

Isquisofrenia Style said...

thank you for your comment sweetie.
your blog is amazing so ists your style!!


Isquisofrenia Style said...

her name is jen brill
sorry i forgot to mention that on my first comment=)

hannah elizabeth said...

ooh i love these rugs and they look fantastic as vests haha!


The Haute-Shopper said...

Fantastic vest! I have a soft spot for anything flokati, although I've given up on the carpets, because I"m just not good with light-colored rugs... love the combo of the belt and the wide-legged trousers as well!

Rock'n Roll Ballerina said...

Nice outfit, and the vest is faboulus! :)

The Haute Bitch said...

these are GORGEOUS photos and you look great too! love the lighting and the colours.

Faridah said...

I love this outfit! So chic. You're right, your vest is very much like flokati rug, but in the best way possible. I adore those rugs.