Pants, Zara; Blazer, Zara; Shirt, See by Chloe; Shoes, F21; Sunshades, Cheapies

Pairing this librarian-ish blazer with leather pants made it not feel so, well...librarian-ish. However, not the perfect outfit to wear to a home inspection.  As we were clomping about the yard my five inch heels were sinking 3 inches into the mud.  Much to my amusement, the lively little fireplug of an inspector informed that he didn't think he'd ever had anyone show up to one of his inspections in leather pants.  He said thank goodness it was me and not him or everyone would have run screaming.  I say... you should dress how YOU want.


Necklace, Madewell; Ring, LuShae Jewelry; Blazer, vintage; Tank, F21; Nail polish, Sally Hansen Jumpin Jade

Wicked rain drove me indoors today and as you can sooooo obviously see I have not yet mastered the tricky art of indoor photography therefore I give you the highlights of today's ensemble. I received an insanely cool ring courtesy of the generous folks over at  LuShae Jewelry that I wore alongside this fringy gold necklace that I was shocked to find hanging on the wall of  Madewell.  LuShae has a garden variety of necklaces, earrings, and pendants but it was the rings that tickled my fancy most. Utterly delighted was I when I opened the little box to see that the ring was even better in person than on the website,  as we all know isn't always the case.  These little beauties below made it a tough choice... but give me a new purchase to look forward to.


Shirt, Ralph Lauren; Jacket, White House, Black Market; Jeans, Paige; Boots, Via Spiga; Sunnies, Tom Ford; Bracelets, too many to name
There's something vaguely satisfying about the clanking of bracelets as you move throughout the day. I checked out the Liberty of London items at Target today, not so excited as I thought I'd be.  Surely some cute little prints  but nothing that screamed for me to take it home, excepting 1 blue floral demi brassiere. I picture it peeking out from underneath a button down white shirt.
I could blend into this dining room today. (Arch Digest Home Show)

I LIKE BIG......................RINGS

Pants, Zara; shirt, h&M; boots, Marciano; rings, F21 & Free People; Jacket, Bagatelle; sunshades, Calvin Klein
The salesman at Sephora who so kindly demonstrated the Temptu airbrush machine on my skin informed me that  using my beloved Dior Airflash foundation was tantamount to spraying Butane lighter on my face and even worse, inhaling it. I now know how a forty year smoker feels because despite knowing this, I can't give it up.  


Skirit, A.L.C.; Dotted tights & scarf, H&M; clogs, Sam Edelman; Jacket, Free People; Sunshades, cheapies

Cramming as many trends as possible into one look: dotted tights, studded clogs, leather skirt, military jacket.  I was reaching in my pocket for my chapstick, hence the awkward pose.  And I have come to realize that trekking shoes these are not contrary to my previous opinion.

A fashiony dining room from A.D. Home Show.


Sweater, Urban Outfitters; Leggings, F21; Wedges, JS; sunshades, Calvin Klein; jewelry, Vintage; ruffled tank, Anthro
I'm still fuming over my hair.  I want to go shave the hairdresser's head so she feel can my fury, is that evil?   I need to let it go because there is nothing I can do about but I tried in pilates/yoga class, you know during that meditative forgiveness part, but it didn't work.  Will do my best not to speak of it again.  Trip to the Italian Market in Philly(for those of you unfamiliar, a famous street of culinary delights, featured in Rocky as he is running through his neighborhood)  Saturday for the ingredients to whip up a family feast.  A bounty of fresh tuscan sausage, homemade eggplant and gorgonzola raviolis, truffle burrata, and marscapone canolis and lemon ricotta pie.  Coffee count for detox today?
The settings on the camera were off.  This sweater is called the Cosby Cardigan.


I can't remember where I found her but I love her sunglasses.


1. My future coffee table
2.  A closet I will one day have
3. Exquisite end tables
4. Doggie bunk beds
5. Egg themed dining room

More fancies from the Architectural Digest Home Show, each and every one of which I could easily envision integrating into my repertoire of rooms.  Yes, the giraffe print doggie bunk bed is a tad tacky and  no I don't have two dogs, regrettably Lulu is an only dog child,  but I am obsessed with it's novel concept anyway. What if she wanted to have a sleepover?  And would you not die to have a closet large enough to pimp it out with that luxe automation system? (Hmmm, maybe a concept I need to pitch to  Bravo, Pimp My Closet)  THE DIFFA, DESIGN INDUSTRIES FOUNDATION FIGHTING AIDS, had a Dining by Design Event which featured high profile designers creating amazing dining room vignettes with sponsors by major companies usually requiring some type of product integration.  These dining rooms were spectacular and I will continue to showcase these in a few more posts.  And because life is full of good little surprises, the skirt below that I saw and needed to buy in Urban Outfitters but of which they were out of my size, I had to order only to find out when I received it that it was half price.  Life is gnarly.


Saw some amazing pieces, talented artisans, and inspiration galore. Will post more pics as soon as I have time.  For now, here's one to wet the whistle.


Jacket & shirt, Urban Outfitters; Pants, BCBG; Shoes, Steve Madden;
I am swearing off hair stylists and never getting my hair cut again.  What is it with overzealous haircutters, why do they feel the need to cut off long hair when they see it?  I went in for a one inch trim today with a long bang and walked out 45 minutes later with my hair five inches shorter, and a head full of steam. I can't even say that I know how it happened since I was watching and she did not appear to be cutting that much off.  Contemplating later, it must have been the layers she sneaked in, they make the hair shorter without seeming to take much hair off. I was having a great day until then, looking forward to my Architectural Digest design show tomorrow in New York and now I can't even function. I think I need to swill NOW and break out the extensions.


Clogs, Sam Edelman; Skinny cargo, JBrand; Blazer, Elie Tahari; Tank, Gap; Bracelet, JS; Necklaces, vintage; Sunshades, Calvin Klein: Belt, old
Being a groggy, incomprehensive mess due to my misaligned sleep schedule thanks to daylight savings time, this outfit was a shoe-in this morning since it required no brain exertion, meaning I didn't have to think too hard about putting it together.  I simply let Balmain do the leading. And since I wasn't on my tip top toes today it's a good thing these majorly high clogs are so supremely comfortable, possible preventing me from clattering to the asphalt in an ankle twisting heap. 


What I wore for a day of ricotta, candied walnut, rasberry, honeyed french toast at the best little breakfast place around. (I usually eschew naughty carbs but when I saw on their facebook page that this was going to be one of their specials for the weekend I just had to make an exception. ) And as I said previously a day of hibernation.

Shirt, Gap; Sequin leggings, Alloy; Shoes, Betsy Johnson; Alligator chain bag, vintage; Sunshades, Burberry; Pendant, vintage


This is where I want to be today hiding from the rain.


It's things like this landing in my inbox that make me impulsively workout my credit card.