Clogs, Sam Edelman; Skinny cargo, JBrand; Blazer, Elie Tahari; Tank, Gap; Bracelet, JS; Necklaces, vintage; Sunshades, Calvin Klein: Belt, old
Being a groggy, incomprehensive mess due to my misaligned sleep schedule thanks to daylight savings time, this outfit was a shoe-in this morning since it required no brain exertion, meaning I didn't have to think too hard about putting it together.  I simply let Balmain do the leading. And since I wasn't on my tip top toes today it's a good thing these majorly high clogs are so supremely comfortable, possible preventing me from clattering to the asphalt in an ankle twisting heap. 


J. said...

I love this look, head to toe! I've been needing a pair of cargo style pants for a while now, but every time I pick a pair up and am ready to purchase, I always wonder "How am I going to wear these besides with a tee?" I would have never thought a jacket or clogs but they look made for each other!

the gorgeous said...

amazing clogs and bracelet! I really looove them!! and I can see an awesome watch also! :))

daisychain said...

I never thought I'd catch myself saying this, but I LOVE your clogs.

Anonymous said...

so chic!
love the little clogs
thanks for sharing
and as always, thanks for the sweet comments!


divine bunny said...

those clogs!

they work so well. the heel and the bedazzle.


Cindy Whitehead said...

The whole look is great on you - love the skinny J Brand Cargos! Thanks for stopping by and your nice comment. Love your blog and am adding you to my blog roll now. (-: