Shirt, Urban Outfitters;Shoes, Michael Kors; Pants, H&M; Sweater, vintage Ferragamo; sunshades, vintage Foster Grant's
Weekend highlights consisted of a used book sale, stops at my favorite vintage clothing boutique and vintage jewelry store, strong, rich cafe au lait, purposely driving too fast over a one way bridge to get "air", and the season finale of Big Love .  Some of my hauls shown above include a huge crucifix, a wicked cool lion necklace since I am leo, a gold and onyx bangle that actually fits my miniature wrist and  the  1980 The Official Preppy Handbook, the most hilarious and disturbing book I think I've ever read.  Fun Fact: the founder of J. Crew used this book as his inspiration, hoping to capitalize on the book's success.  Living near the Main Line, prepster capital of the world, fashion can be a bit nauseating around here but I'm swear I'm not lying when I say that the book captured reality that exists to this day.  I was particularly delighted in headings like "The Virtues of Wearing Pink and Green" and one section of men's fashion that described the necessary "Go To Hell" pants, those brightly colored pants with  repeating little duck, losbter, tennis raquet motifs, so named because they are considered rebellious and offbeat due to their loudness, so therefore the wearer has a don't care or go to hell attitude.  Betcha didn't know preppies were so radical did you? 


daisychain said...

I love your red jacket

iva said...

nice! simple but at the same time special!

J. said...

Love your sweater!

I love it when a day of shopping ends up with finds like yours...that book sounds like a good laugh!

Thanks for your opinion on my blog!

The Haute Bitch said...

love that colour on you!!!!!