Do not spend your Friday afternoon on with 7 or 8 year olds seeing Alice in Wonderland.  Do not expect them to be the least bit interested in a movie that is over their heads.  Do not be surprised when they annoy the people sitting in front of you with their loud whispers wanting to know if the movie is almost over 30 minutes into it. Do not blame them when they are bored silly by it because you yourself are as well. Do not roll your eyes when they ask "what is going on?" since you were also wondering what happened to the plot. Do not question who the target audience was for this movie since you'll never figure it out.   Do not expect to see Johnny Depp act. Do not even think about the book or you'll be very disappointed.  Do not be afraid to take a potty break because you won't miss anything. Do not say no when they ask you to take them for ice cream, they need something to restore their glazed over eyes.  Do not hold a grudge against Tim Burton, even geniuses are entitled to make mistakes. 

Do not be shocked when she shares with you her opinion. 


FashionJazz said...

Wow, everyone has said that its not good at all. xx

Cafe Fashionista said...

Please don't tell me that Alice has been destroyed! That has forever been one of my favorite books; but this post leads me to believe that the film is horrible. I think I need to go cry somewhere! :(

Melanie M said...

This post is NOT about how terrible Alice was. It's about how ADORABLE this little girl is! & I love her shirt:) I love Hot Cocoa, too! :)

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