1. My future coffee table
2.  A closet I will one day have
3. Exquisite end tables
4. Doggie bunk beds
5. Egg themed dining room

More fancies from the Architectural Digest Home Show, each and every one of which I could easily envision integrating into my repertoire of rooms.  Yes, the giraffe print doggie bunk bed is a tad tacky and  no I don't have two dogs, regrettably Lulu is an only dog child,  but I am obsessed with it's novel concept anyway. What if she wanted to have a sleepover?  And would you not die to have a closet large enough to pimp it out with that luxe automation system? (Hmmm, maybe a concept I need to pitch to  Bravo, Pimp My Closet)  THE DIFFA, DESIGN INDUSTRIES FOUNDATION FIGHTING AIDS, had a Dining by Design Event which featured high profile designers creating amazing dining room vignettes with sponsors by major companies usually requiring some type of product integration.  These dining rooms were spectacular and I will continue to showcase these in a few more posts.  And because life is full of good little surprises, the skirt below that I saw and needed to buy in Urban Outfitters but of which they were out of my size, I had to order only to find out when I received it that it was half price.  Life is gnarly.


Faridah said...

Great pics, very inspiring. I love the second one!

J. said...

I love those cool tree stump cut side tables. Or whatever they are, they would be perfect in my home.

daisychain said...

woah, I'm lusting after everything.

SomedayNewYorker said...

The egg themed dinner party looks incredible.